Bio2oil Featured in Biofuels Digest. July 15, 2021 | Jim Lane Bio2oil was founded with the aim of commercializing the Hydrothermal Liquefaction technology (HTL). It’s a process that converts biomass to liquid fuel in the presence of water. We focus on getting the process efficient and robust and making the technology cost-efficient […]

Bio2Oil featured in BioFuels Digest

May 2021 In a continuous effort to turn waste material into a valuable green resource, ECCO Investment Corporation has invested in Bio2Oils parent company Circlia Nordic, with the goal of ensuring the development of the first full-scale unit. ECCO owns and operates wastewater treatment plants at its tanneries, and sees […]

Bio2Oil receives SEED Capital from ECCO Investment Corporation

  Bio2Oil has developed a technology that converts sludge from e.g. Danish sewers to crude oil. It can subsequently be refined into sustainable fuel for cars, ships and aircraft.  The amazing thing about these fuels is that the CO2 emitted when the fuel is used,  was in the atmosphere last year, as […]

From sewage sludge to crude oil with Bio2Oil

bio to oil - what we offer
MassChallenge Switzerland 2020 Finalist!   We are among the finalists in the MassChallenge Switzerland 2020 accelerator programme! From a pool of more than 1,000 applicants, Bio2Oil ApS is among the 89 finalists chosen after 2 rounds of judging. The judges represented executives, investors, academia and serial entrepreneurs. The finalists come […]

MassChallenge Switzerland 2020 Finalist!

Planewing seen from an aeroplane
Recently, the final report from the ATM project (“Assessment of likely Technology Maturation Pathways for biojet production from forest residues”) funded by the Green Aviation Research and Development Network (GARDN) and Boeing was released. The final report concludes on a set of studies that set out to assess the potential […]

Results from the GARDN ATM Project are in!