Bio2Oil ApS is a privately held company, which was established in 2014. Its founder, Ib Johannsen (see resume), has solid experience in chemical engineering and management acquired throughout his career in industry and academia. Presently, he holds a position as an adjunct associate professor at Aarhus University in Denmark, and in addition he serves as a member of several international boards including The Danish National Bioeconomy Panel. He is also heavily involved in bio-refining activities at Aarhus University.

We are specialising in developing the hydrothermal liquefaction process, a known process which has not previously been profitable. Through our innovation, we have proven that the process can be profitable, and now we are working on refining the process. We aim to get 5 to 10 times more energy out as bio-crude than is utilized in the process.

Our mission is to:

Reduce capital expenditure cost compared to traditional technologies.
Develop cost efficient standard units, which can easily be upscaled.
Develop and market processes which are in themselves profitable.

Bio2Oil has experience in upscaling hydrothermal conversion and hydrothermal liquefaction processes as well as relevant pre and post treatment processes. Presently, we are involved in the optimization of a 100 Liter/hour pilot plant at Aarhus University, designed by our founder, as well as the construction of a larger pilot facility in India. The latter is currently being commissioned and is intended to create the basis for a full-scale plant undergoing design.

We have acquired the central intellectual property rights to core aspects of the hydrothermal conversion process, especially related to minimizing pumping energy, increasing energy recovery and promoting a more well defined and efficient conversion process. Our intellectual property rights are complemented by a range of new inventions for further improvement of the process with aim of reducing capital expenditure and operating expenses.

We have a large international network and is presently involved in several national and international research grant applications and other projects such as: