Bio2oil IVS was established in 2014. Its founder, Ib Johannsen, has solid experience in chemical engineering and management acquired his career in industry and academia. Presently, he holds a position as Center manager and associate professor at Aarhus University in Denmark.

The company has acquired the central IPR rights to the core aspects on the hydrothermal conversion process, especially related to minimizing pumping energy, increase energy recovery and promote a more well defined and efficient conversion process. These rights are being complemented with a range of new inventions for further improvement of the process with the aim or reducing capex and opex costs.

Bio2oil has experience in scale up of hydrothermal conversion and hydrothermal liquefactions processes as well as relevant pre- and post-treatment processes. Presently, it is involved in the optimization of a 100l/hr pilot plant at Aarhus University, designed by the founder, as well as the construction of a larger pilot facility in India. The latter is currently being commissioned, and is intended to create the basis for a full-scale plant under design.

The company has a large international network and is presently involved in several national and international research grant applications.

Bio2oil IVS is 100% privately held