Square by night in Brussels, Belgium.

Expert workshop on HTL in Brussels

Back in late November, our CEO Ib Johannsen participated in an expert workshop on hydrothermal liquefaction in Brussels, Belgium. The workshop was hosted by five European research projects (HyFlexFuel, WASTE2ROAD, 4refinery, NextGenRoadFuels and Heat to Fuel) in collaboration with the Norwegian National Centre Bio4Fuels. The overall goal for the workshop was to uncover and discuss the many different routes through which HTL can be commercialized and utilized for biofuel production.

The workshop focused on presenting the status of the five European research projects financed under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, which each gave presentations on their current progress and findings in terms of bringing the HTL closer to market and primarily solve the challenges of decarbonizing the transportation sector. Later in the day, a number of industry players gave their take on HTL’s commercial potential. All aiming to uncover and commercialize the potential of hydrothermal liquefaction for biofuel production, which lead to an interesting panel discussion later in the day.

During the event, we also heard a presentation by Jack Saddler on the recently finished ATM Project, which had set out to uncover the potential of – among other technologies – HTL in the production of biojet fuels. The project overall gave some promising results for HTL, and you can see some of our thoughts and the main findings related to HTL right here on our website. Dr. Douglas C. Elliott, PNNL, a renowned expert in the field, also gave an interesting talk on the future and possibilities of the HTL industry and how this can be commercialized globally. We are always happy to participate in these kinds of events, where we get the opportunity to discuss the future of HTL and its applications in solving the challenges of creating a sustainable society. You can find a summary of the workshop and the presentations given during the event right here.

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