The RRB15 conference in Toulouse

Guesting the RRB15 conference

Ib JohannsenThis week Ib Johannsen was an invited speaker at the 15th edition of the annual “International Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries” (RRB15) in Toulouse, France. During the conference, he gave a talk on: “Small and highly efficient hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) units for scalable mass implementation in biomass conversion”. During his presentation Ib touched upon how biorefining and biomass do not fit into traditional technology platforms, as they are both small and decentralized in nature, which creates a demand for innovation and new solutions.

One of these solutions is hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL), sometimes called hydrothermal conversion, which resembles the process taking place in our planet when oil is created. While it takes the planet millions of years to create oil, it can be done in just 20 minutes with HTL.
At the conference, Ib presented the underlying concepts of HTL and what the latest numbers from the pilot plant at Research Center Foulum, Aarhus University shows. He also presented Bio2Oil’s product offering and the innovations which along the way have created a compelling business case for HTL. Throughout the development, we have made significant improvements to the process and discovered how negative cost feedstocks together with biomass filtration can be attractive for HTL. It creates a profitable product without the relying on government subsidies, thereby delivering on our ongoing mission reduce capital expenditure cost and develop and market processes which are in themselves profitable. Ib showed our modular approach to HTL, which delivers on efficiency, while at the same being scalable and adaptive enough to handle the decentralized nature of biomass.

The conference also covered topics within: Biobased materials, Biomass fractionation, Bioenergy, Biorefineries, Downstream processing, Valorization of biomass waste streams and many more.

We have made the presented slides available, and you can find them and read more about our technologies here:

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