Hosting RENESENG 2 staff exchange

Currently, we have the please of hosting Georgios Panayiotou (PhD student at the National Technical University of Athens) at our offices in Aarhus as part of the RENESENG 2 project. Georgios will visit us for the next six months as part of the staff exchange programme included in the project. Georgios is a process engineer, specialising in process synthesis & design, and process optimisation. In the upcoming months, we are looking forward to learning from his expertise and past experiences and get a fresh set of eyes on our current solutions for utilising hydrothermal liquefaction to create biocrude.

The RENESENG 2 (RENEwable Systems ENGineering) project is a large project spanning multiple countries and partners. It is aiming to advance the emerging field of biorefineries-systems engineering and particularly investigate the role it can play in regards to waste valorisation and the circular economy. RENESENG 2 will capitalize on recent advancements in the field and contribute to developing a diverse set of disciplines such as process systems engineering, industrial biotechnology and many more. The National Technical University of Athens (NTAU) is heading the project, which consists of a multinational conglomerate of 13 partners in total, among these Bio2Oil ApS, multiple universities, such as the University of Surrey, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet and the Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, and other partners. The project is funded under the European Horizon 2020 programme, the biggest EU research and innovation programme ever, and it was kicked off in July 2018, as the successor to the RENESENG project.

You can find additional information about the RENESENG 2 project, its objectives, work packages, and the full list of partners on the project’s website. Information about the preceding RENESENG project can be found on its website.

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