Carbon balance for use in high particulate matter primary filtration of wastewater feed

How to create value out of waste

The WWT industry is a sector that has benefited from incremental innovation over decades but has not seen any radical change. Bio2oil aims to revolutionize wastewater treatment in order improve resource efficiency in the circular economy, or in other terms create value out of wastewater.

Our approach includes the primary filtration of influent wastewater or sewage sludge side streams using a novel cost efficient biomass assisted filtration process and conversion the produced filtercake into valuable biocrude using our innovative HydroThermal Liquefaction (HTL) technology. This way the majority of carbon retained alongside troublesome pollutants such as microplastics and xenobiotics.

The innovative aspect of this improved filtration technology is that the renewable biomass used for assisting the process alongside with organic resources captured form the wastewater, can be valorized in the second step. The high dry matter content filtercake is used as a feedstock for hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL). The HTL process is very efficient in terms of carbon and energy and effectively destroys all micropollutants, pathogens and converts microplastics to bio-crude. The sterile process water from HTL is high in soluble carbon species and can utilized for methane production using efficient anaerobic digesters or simply be returned to the feed stream.

Carbon balance for use in high particulate matter primary filtration of wastewater feed:

Carbon balance for use in high particulate matter primary filtration of wastewater feed

There are several key benefits solutions to unmet needs addressed in the Bio2Oil technology ranging from local, national to international requirements in the industry, environment and social sector.

  • Dramatic reduction in process energy consumption
  • Reduction in area need for WWT
  • Elimination of microplastics, pathogens and xenobiotics (pharmaceuticals, hormones, etc)
  • Elimination or reduction of use of chemicals (polymer flocculants etc) in WWT
  • Elimination of sludge drying, transport or spreading
  • Particle free water streams allow highly efficient treatment methods such as UASB or membrane technologies
  • Efficient carbon capture in WWT (>70% vs <25% using anaerobic digestion of sludge)
  • Creation of a valuable product, biocrude, which can be used as is as a low grade liquid fuel or be upgraded to diesel/jet fuel or even to new materials.

With Bio2oils scalable HTL technology and novel biomass assisted filtration technology there is the potential to revolutionize WWT, converting it to a value creation process and bringing society much closer towards a sustainable cyclic economy.

The technologies have all been demonstrated in pilot scale, Bio2oil are now seeking partners to build the first large scale demonstration plant.