We are on a mission of turning waste streams into green energy, and we have seen significant success in doing so.

5000 t
500- 500 %
Energy Return on Investement
0 t/hr
Biocrude Production

Bio2oil | Turning waste into a carbon neutral oil

Our technology

Our technology, Bio2Oil is well suited for multiple applications, such as:
wastewater treatment, plastics, manure, and many more.

We offer a unique implementation of our bio2oil technology (Hydrothermal liquefaction) the HTL technology that is ready to handle the decentral nature of biomass. Research has shown that HTL is one of the most energy-efficient solutions for handling wet biomass streams.



  • To reduce capital expenditure cost compared to traditional technologies.
  • To develop cost-efficient standard units, which can easily be upscaled.
  • To develop and market processes that are in themselves profitable.

The produced biocrude can be used in traditional flows for crude oil and has the potential to be upgraded to jet-fuel, maritime fuel, diesel, and bunker oil. This way, it paves a new path for the transportation industry towards independence from fossil fuels.


Circlia Nordic | Turning Waste Into A Carbon Neutral Oil

waste to value.

CIRCLIA NORDIC was founded as Bio2Oil in 2014 by Ib Johannsen. Ib has solid experience in chemical engineering and management acquired throughout his career in industry and academia.

Presently, he holds a position as an adjunct associate professor at Aarhus University in Denmark, and in addition he serves as a member of several international boards including The Danish National Bioeconomy Panel. He is also heavily involved in bio-refining activities at Aarhus University.

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Meet The team

Ib Johannsen

Founding Partner

Steffan Haubro Petersen

Mechanical Engineer

Usama Sahal

Chemical Engineer Intern

Axel Rosenvinge

Chemical Engineer

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