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bio to oil - what we offer

Bio2oil IVS is involved in several projects for the scale up of the HTL technology and is open to new collaborations to promote the technology. In addition, Bio2Oil has co-authored several research applications, and will consider participating in strong research consortia with the aim of securing funding for further research in improving and implementing the technology.

The collaborations may include:

a) Licensing: Bio2oil ivs offer licensing rights to its key IPR rights related to improving pumping, viscosity reduction and heat exchange parameters in HTL plants as well as other thermochemical processes. In addition, Bio2Oil has an extensive HTL know-how platform that may be made available.

b) Design and consultancy for full-scale plants: In collaboration with local companies, Bio2Oil offer to design plants from pilot scale to tull-scale (barrel a minute) plants.

c) Joint venture: Bio2oil is already involved in joint-ventures but do have the right to venture into new collaborations, with a few geographical exceptions